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Advanced Music Technology and Business


Music Production 2

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This course uses the framework of a Capstone project to teach key professional concepts that are crucial for understanding the music industry and advanced audio production techniques that will allow students to produce and record music that meets industry standards of quality. The Capstone project is a recorded body of musical work supplemented by marketing material, a business plan, an industry analysis, and an artist statement. Students will set and follow self-designed schedules to meet the rigorous standards required to achieve this work at a professional standard. As students work on the creative aspects of the Capstone project, they will also explore the legal and economic factors that influence the way the music industry operates as a whole, contextualizing their musical work as a product that exists within the economic structure of the industry. Students will study and incorporate new mixing and production concepts into their workflow as they write, produce, and record their music. Additionally, students will hear from multiple industry professionals, become aware of the large variety of jobs available within the music industry today, and consider how their own skill sets can fit within these careers. Throughout the course, Capstone check-ins and listening parties will provide a structure to ensure that students are maintaining steady progress. Check-ins consist of a series of written questions and a piece of music submitted to an industry mentor for review. In addition to helping instructors monitor student progress, check-ins will help students stay on track with their individual schedules and give them an opportunity to reflect on their work. Students will also participate in listening parties, where they will share their music and engage in discourse with their peers. Listening parties are essential for building community in the classroom, and students will get the opportunity to strengthen important leadership skills by respectfully sharing and receiving constructive praise and criticism. During the culminating unit of the course, students will release their music and participate in a final in-class listening party. Students will also host their own personal listening parties as a means to engage the larger communities around them and share their work outside of the classroom.

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United States

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Los Angeles

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Carson High School Los Angeles Country High School for the Arts Theodore Roosevelt High School

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2317 Edgewater Terrace

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CTE Fine Arts

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  • CTE
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