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SCI403: Physics


Algebra II, Biology, Chemistry

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SCI403: Physics

This course provides a comprehensive survey of all key areas: physical systems; measurement; kinematics; dynamics; momentum; energy; thermodynamics; waves; electricity; and magnetism; and introduces students to modern physics topics such as quantum theory and the atomic nucleus. The course gives students a solid basis to move on to more advanced courses later in their academic careers. The program consists of online instruction and related assessments; plus an associated problem-solving book and instructions for conducting hands on laboratory experiments at home. K12 lab kits contain all lab materials that cannot easily be found in the home.

Syllabus and list of labs attached. Students spend approximately 1 hour a week completing lab activities.

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United States

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1018 W. 8th Avenue

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Lab Science

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  • LPHY
  • Physics

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