Agoura High School Sports Medicine 2 Approval

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Sports Medicine 2
Course Description: 

This course provides instruction in advanced topics related to the field of Sports Medicine. This course is theadvanced 2nd year sports medicine course. This course introduces the basic concepts, skills, and practices for theathletic trainer and kinesiologist. This class includes the medical aspects of athletic training, athletic therapy,modalities, strength, conditioning, rehabilitation and diagnostic techniques.Advanced anatomy, cell and tissue structure and response to injury, body systems, exercise physiology,therapeutic modalities, therapeutic exercise, pharmacology, kinesiology, and taping principles will be integratedwith the prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. In addition, ethical and legalissues related to professions in health industries will be addressed.The purpose of this class is to build on basic skills learned in Sports Medicine, and allow students opportunities toadd rigorous academic content in order to gain a deeper understanding of sports related injuries and treatment.Students will gain an understanding of cellular and tissue structures and functions as well as the systems of thehuman body, providing a foundation that can be referred back to in each subsequent unit of instruction. Specificinjuries will be discussed in relation to areas of the body and will focus on integrating an understanding of injurieswith the anatomy, physiology, and related body systems in the region. Students will also study rehabilitation,therapeutic modalities, conditioning, pharmacology and protocols for record keeping and return to play. Anoverview of communication skills, professionalism, and post secondary options will also be part of coursework.Part of this class will include an internship with a health care provider.

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Las Virgenes Unified
28545 Driver Ave Agoura Hills
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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

In order to be reviewed as a laboratory science, we will need a list of physical laboratory experiments completed for this course and number of hours students spend doing laboratory assignments each week.

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