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Agricultural Biology - P



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: Agricultural Biology meets the CSU/UC laboratory science requirement for admission and the Wheatland Union High School life science requirement for graduation. This yearlong laboratory science course is designed for the collegebound student with an interest in agriculture; applied biology sciences; environmental studies and natural resource management. Included in the course are the study of molecular and cellular aspects of life; the basic concepts of biochemistry; and the structure of atoms as they relate to energy production; nutrition; digestion; genetics; nervous systems; immune systems; circulatory system; comparative anatomy; physiology; and growth and reproductions of plants and animals. Students will have the opportunity to participate in leadership activities through involvement in the FFA; they are required to keep a record book and have a supervised agricultural project.

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United States

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1010 Wheatland Road

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Lab Science

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  • LBIO
  • Biology

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Online / Virtual