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Agriscience I



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Agriscience I is an introduction to the CHS Agriscience CTE program. It is designed to prepare students for over 300 career pathways by providing them an overview of the fields of agricultural science; animal science; plant science; and soil science; animal husbandry; soil conservation; and agriculture operations such as farming; ranching; and agriculture business; and natural resources.†

The AgriScience program is delivered as a coherent sequence of courses designed to offer students knowledge and skills that meet the needs of the workforce. The knowledge and skills students develop in AgriScience are experienced through exciting ?hands-on? activities; projects; and problems solving tasks. Students will investigate; experiment; and learn about documenting a project; solving problems; and communicating their solutions to their peers and members of the professional community. Students can specifically connect AgriScience lessons with the Supervised Agricultural Experiences and FFA components that are important for the development of an informed agricultural education student.†

The AgriScience instructional program prepares students for entry-level employment; further training; and/or post-secondary education for these and other occupations: Agribusiness Systems; Animal Systems; Biotechnology Systems; Environmental Service Systems; Food Products and Processing Systems; Natural Resources Systems; Plant Systems; Power; Structural and Technical Systems; and Agriculture Education

CHS Agriscience I List of Labs

Found in Domain 1: Science of the Agricultural Industry

  1. How GMOs can affect agricultural production (2.2)

  2. Impacts of erosion control on soil fertility (2.3)

  3. Effects of fertilizer runoff on waterways (2.4)

  4. Impact of aquaculture on production of food plants (4.4)

  5. Analysis of foods to determine the macromolecules they contain (6.6)

  6. Preventing foodborne illness in agricultural products (12.4)

Found in Domain 2: Plant & Animal Science

  1. Effect of location on soil composition (5.1)

  2. Effect of soil characteristics on microflora (5.2)

  3. Methods to control soil erosion (5.3)

  4. Determine how environmental factors affect plant growth(7.7)

  5. Identify the impacts of nutrient deficiency in plants. (8.2)

  6. Determine how different grow media affects the growth of plants (8.3)

  7. Factors that affect rooting of stem cuttings in propagation.(8.7)

  8. Recognizing animal behaviors (10.1)

  9. Comparing the properties of different animal fibers (10.2)

  10. Evaluating the effective uses of animal by-products (10.2)

  11. Evaluating the effectiveness of different cleaning and disinfecting methods (10.12)

  12. Investigate the effectiveness of pest control methods (11.2)

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Coconino High School

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