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American Sign Language 3 CE


American Sign Language 1 & 2 CE

Course description

Introduction to fingerspelling techniques. Focus on methods; theory; and applications on receptive and expressive skills including manual alphabet production and numbers. In addition; skill development in speed; dexterity; clarity; and lexicalized fingerspelling; numeric incorporation; prefixes; suffixes; and polysyllabic words.†

This course is the third and final course towards mastering ASL high school competency skills at Seton Catholic Preparatory. This course preceeds ASL 102 as this course further develops skills necessary before glossing can be mastered at the college level. Students would be encouraged to take ASL 102 to further advance thier studies similar to enrolling in a third or fourth year of a language.†

The progression of ASL 1; 2 and 3 CE will meet the high school competencies required for admissions into an Arizona univeristy.;†

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United States

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Seton Catholic High School

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1150 N. Dobson Rd.d

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Foreign Language

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  • LNG2
  • 2nd year of Foreign Language

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Online / Virtual