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Anatomy and Physiology


Biology, Second Science credit

Course description

Students are required to complete 40% of their instruction as a lab investigation. In Anatomy and Physiology; students spend their time in virtual labs using Gizmos. You can find a list of Gizmos labs here:†

I am including the course description below.

This career learning course is designed for students to conduct laboratory and field investigations; use scientific methods during investigations; and make informed decisions using critical thinking and scientific problem solving. Students in Anatomy and Physiology will study a variety of topics; including the structure and function of the human body and the interaction of body systems for maintaining homeostasis. Course Length: Two semesters Credit: 1.0 Pathway Level: Level 3 HT

I am also attaching the Texas standards for this course.

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United States

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Texas Online Preparatory School

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Lab Science

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  • LADV
  • Advanced science
  • LBIO
  • Biology

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Online / Virtual