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Completion of Integrated Science 2 and instructor approval

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This course is a full-year; in-depth study of how chemistry drives biology. The core principles of science are used to promote deep understanding and appreciation of complexity; diversity and interconnectedness of life on earth. The course focuses on the correlation between structure and function starting at the molecular level and up to the level of organisms; the chemical principles that drive biology and enable cell metabolism; principles of classical and molecular genetics and evolutionary theory; energy transformations within living systems and interactions between organisms and their environment. The study of major discoveries in biology will facilitate the understanding of and provide insight into modern and future problems and solutions. The emphasis is placed on the modern biotechnological and technical advances as applicable to medicine; food production and human wellness. Students will be able to apply knowledge gained in this course to their everyday lives and use learned lessons to make informed choices as members of a global community. Laboratory investigations and other experiential learning opportunities will help students acquire a deeper understanding of concepts while developing their analytical skills. Students will gain skills using laboratory apparatus and correct laboratory techniques and procedures. They will learn the uses of classical and contemporary equipment in a biological laboratory. Dissections of chosen organisms will be used to promote the understanding of organization and functions of living things. Students will design and carry out long and short-term investigations using principles of the scientific method and use proper formats for reporting their findings.

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United States

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New York

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New York

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Avenues The World School

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259 10th Ave

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Lab Science

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  • LADV
  • Advanced science
  • LINT
  • Integrated science

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Online / Virtual