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Biology 1-2



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In this online course; students will develop an appreciation for the living world. A brief history of biology followed by an investigation of the basic unit of life?the cell?will prepare students for deeper research. Students will explore topics concerning genetics; including meiosis; heredity; and DNA. Students will consider natural selection; the origin of life theories; and the mechanics of evolution. An exploration of ?little critters? such as bacteria precedes a study of plant structures; processes; and reproduction. Students will inquire into animal behavior and characteristics as they study invertebrates; amphibians; reptiles; birds; and mammals; among others. An inspection of nutrition and disease will lead students to examine human body systems. The course will conclude with an analysis of the interdependence of living things in ecosystems.†

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United States

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Lake Havasu City

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2675 S. Palo Verde

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Lab Science

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  • LBIO
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