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Solutions and Tests for Exploring With Biology
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  • Module 1: The Science of LifeThe processes of science, including what scientists do, the scientific method, the tools of science and the limitations of science 
  • Module 2: The Chemistry of LifeThe composition of matter, the properties of water, lipids, proteins, and enzymes
  • Module 3: EcologyEco systems, biomes, populations, and communities 
  • Module 4: Cell Structure and FunctionCharacteristics of all cells 
  • Module 5: Cellular EnergyEnergy of all cells
  • Module 6: DNA, Proteins, and the Cell CycleDNA replication, protein synthesis, and cell cycle & cellular reproduction 
  • Module 7: GeneticsMendelian genetics, inheritance patters, human genetics, and gene technologies
  • Module 8: EvolutionCharles Darwin, Micro and Macro evolution, the geological column, and fossil record evidence
  • Module 9: Prokaryotes and VirusesClassification, Archaea, Bacteria, and Viruses 
  • Module 10: Protists and FungiCharacteristics and classification
  • Module 11: Plant Diversity and ReproductionClassifying plants and life cycle 
  • Module 12: Plant Structure and FunctionPlant anatomy and physiology, transporting water and nutrients, plant growth, hormones, and responses
  • Module 13:Animals – Invertebrates (part 1)Characteristics and diversity 
  • Module 14:Animals – Invertebrates (part 2)Arthropods 
  • Module 15: Animals – Chordates (part 1)Characteristics and diversity
  • Module 16: Animals – Chordates (part 2)Birds and mammals 
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Monday, November 1, 2021

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