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Biology Lab

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Biology:God's living creation

Biology—botany; human anatomy and physiology; zoology; cellular and molecular biology; laboratory work: dissections, microscopy; field studies; nutrition; cellular biology; and science research project

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From observing blood cells to constructing DNA models, the student will apply the topics he’s learned in Biology: God’s Living Creation, 4th ed. This includes 25 labs that add a practical, hands-on component to the biology course including lab safety, microscopy, and dissection. Includes field projects that develop the skills of observation, organism identification, and classification. Each lab includes a list of goals for the lab, an introduction (when needed), list of equipment and supplies, procedure steps and explanation, a report sheet, and questions to answer. Illustrations and diagrams make the procedure clear. Three extra projects on the identification of trees and insects and a pond study are included in the back of the book for the students to experience more in-depth research. The student will complete his lab manual while observing a biology class perform the labs on video streaming or DVD.

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United States

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New Kent

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Wagner Homeschool

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