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Biology B - VIRTUAL



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This course examines the basics of biochemistry and how it helps understand biological systems on Earth. Using logical thinking to identify relationships and draw conclusions, the course expands out from the building blocks of biochemistry to individual cells and cell membranes to understand cell division, reproduction, cell energy and metabolism, and photosynthesis. This course also examines the basics of genetics, natural selection, ecology, model how matter and energy flow through ecosystems, and the technology to see the larger context and implications. Topics included: biological research topics of ethical guidelines in new biotechnology.

Students complete 1 hour of laboratory assignments per week. Labs include: Punnet Square Problems, Bioethics Lab, Evolution Lab, Biome Project Lab, Human Impact on Biodiversity Lab

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United States

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Ignite Learning Academy

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1155 S Power Rd Ste 114 #570 Mesa, AZ

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Lab Science

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  • LBIO
  • Biology

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Online / Virtual