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Biology Honors B - VIRTUAL



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This course examines life at the cellular level by understanding how the scientific method is used by scientists to investigate questions and present their findings. Topics include chemical make up and size of cells, cell structure, the flow of energy, and how traits are inherited. This course also examines life on Earth from a big picture perspective by exploring the evolution of species and history of life on Earth. Topics included: living organisms from microorganisms to plants and animals, the human body systems, ecology, and how humans interact with the environment. Historical perspectives and societal impact of biology are included in each lesson.

Students complete 1 to 2 hours of laboratory assignments per week. Labs include: Biochem Lab, Natural Selection Lab, Dichotomous Key Lab, Investigating Fungi Lab, Plant Stem Lab, Invertebrates and Ecology Lab, Human Body Systems Lab, Ecosystems Lab, Preserving Biodiversity Lab

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United States

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Ignite Learning Academy

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1155 S Power Rd Ste 114 #570 Mesa, AZ

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Lab Science

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  • LBIO
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Online / Virtual