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Successful completion of one of the following: Human Body Systems, Medical Interventions, Anatomy & Physiology, or AP Biology

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In Biomedical Innovations and Health Careers; you will apply your knowledge and skills to answer questions and solve problems related to biomedical sciences. Design innovative solutions for health care challenges of the 21st century as you work through progressively challenging; open-ended problems such as clinical medicine; physiology; biomedical engineering; and public health. It is critical to your success that you can work independently and are able to work with mentors from the healthcare industry. Throughout the course; you will present your innovations to an audience that may include representatives from education; business; and the health care community. Enrich your learning and leadership through participation in HOSA; the student leadership organization for future health professionals.

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United States

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Gig Harbor

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Gig Harbor High School

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5101 Rosedale St NW

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Lab Science

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