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Biotechnology 1/2C (10-11)



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Biotechnology 1/2 is the first year (two-semester); required Concentrator course in the CTE-pathway. This is a Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) course where 10th grade students will learn about biological concepts from the perspective of the biotechnology industry.† Students will also have multiple opportunities to apply the theories that they learn to a variety of laboratory experiences that mirror that type of work currently being performed within the industry. In addition to the biological theories and laboratory skills; students will also begin to develop and refine a variety of workplace skills such as professional communication; workplace conduct; and safe laboratory practices as well as explore possible career paths within the industry. This course is articulated with San Diego Miramar College (Course BIOL 131 - Introduction to Biotechnology); which means earning a grade of ?B? or better in both semesters and a grade of ?B? or better on the final assessment earns college creditThis course meets the UC/CSU ?D? requirement; satisfies the student?s Life Science graduation requirement; as well as meeting part of the Biotechnology CTE Pathway.†

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United States

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El Cajon

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7323 University Ave

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Lab Science

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  • LBIO
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