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Building Trades Science


Natural and Physical Science

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Science in the Building Trades spans a variety of the Physical Science standards in both Chemistry and Physics. This is an introductory class that exposes students to a variety of trades including masonry; plumbing; electrical; sheet metal; pipefitting; glazing; operators and engineers; flooring; painting and framing. During the first semester; students visit various trade offices and work spaces and are given assignments designed to provide a glimpse into the type of work each trade encompasses. Students plan; design; estimate; and construct their own projects and work collaboratively in teams on larger projects. Science topics include but are not limited to electrical safety; electrical wiring and circuits; heat transfer; states of matter; pressure; mechanical advantage; chemical reactions of various types (exothermic; combustion); electromagnetic waves; and Newton?s laws of motion with respect to gravity; inertia; and action-reaction pairs. The second semester involves working with plans and bringing the trades together to work on a comprehensive project on a smaller scale; the tiny house along with various projects associated with the training house. The second semester covers more advanced work with blueprints; electrical; heating and air-conditioning concepts. Energy efficiency and green building wraps up the semester. Students are evaluated throughout the year based on high school conceptual science standards as well as the various competencies in the building trades technical education framework.

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