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Business Technology 2



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This course is for students who have completed Business Technology 1 and is the second course in the sequence for the Business Operations Support. Students will learn and apply advanced skills with practical applications through hands-on instruction using software applications such as Microsoft Office (advanced coursework with Word; Excel; Access; PowerPoint; email; and Internet basics to prepare students for Microsoft Office Specialist Expert exams); graphics; video and web pages as they relate to business operations/business applications. Students will also develop workplace employability skills essential for careers in business including: working collaboratively on digital projects; managing email contacts and digital calendars; managing business records; planning and participating in business meetings; preparing business travel arrangements; and managing cash. Students will successfully develop and manage a school-based enterprise (SBE) which is an entrepreneurial operation in school that provides goods/services to meet the needs of the market and to simulate real working conditions; organizational skills; and social skills needed to be successful in a competitive employment setting. This SBE will be managed and operated by students as hands-on learning laboratories.†

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United States

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500 West Guadalupe Road

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  • CTE
  • Career and technical education

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