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Certified Nursing Assistant


Algebra 1

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Certified Nursing Assistant meets the educational requirements for certification of a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Alaska. The course will train students to measure and record vital signs; provide personal care and hygiene; position; transfer and ambulate; provide unit care; and other activities of daily living. CPR and First Aid will be included. The training will enable students to work in long-term care and acute care facilities. Training will include both classroom activities and clinical experiences with industry partners in hospitals; nursing homes and extended care facilities. This class is good for students considering careers in health care and/or nursing. This course is a 2 hour 15-minute block or 3 periods in a day. It requires each student to have a minimum of 48 hours of clinical in an industry setting

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United States

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2472 N Seward Meridian Pkwy, Wasilla, AK

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Lab Science

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  • CTE
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