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Chemistry - 1B


Chemistry - 1A

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Below is the Chemistry course description for semester 1B obtained from Texas Tech High School webpage:†

The class does require laboratory activities.

High-school Chemistry; second semester.

Welcome to Chemistry 1B! In this course; you will learn several important concepts. The topics included in this semester are:

  • naming and writing formulas
  • the ability to extract information from the Periodic Table of Elements
  • writing and balancing chemical equations
  • using the chemical equation to solve problems concerning:
    • amounts of material
    • volumes of gases
    • energy requirements for chemical reactions to occur

Required Textbook (sold separately):

The†required digital†textbook for this course is:

    • Staley; D. D.; Wilbraham; A. C.; Waterman; E. L.; & Matta; M. S. (2015).†Chemistry†(Texas ed.; Digital). Boston; MA: Pearson. ISBN: 0133262510.

This digital textbook can only be purchased through the TTU K-12 partner bookstore. You can find the link to the bookstore in the Current Students section of the†TTU K-12†website. Once you have purchased the digital textbook; you will receive a username and password via email.

Additionally; you will need an online account at†Pearson Realize†in order to access your textbook; course videos; the learning activities; and other online resources.

If you would like a printed book; you can purchase the†optionalprinted†text:

    • Staley; D. D.; Wilbraham; A. C.; Waterman; E. L.; & Matta; M. S. (2015).†Chemistry†(Texas ed.; Print). Boston; MA: Pearson. ISBN: 0-328-76346-2.

Please note that you will not be able to access any of the digital resources if you purchase only the printed textbook.

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