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Chemistry and AgriScience - P


Biology or Agricultural Biology

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This course explores the physical and chemical nature of soil as well as the relationships between soil; plants; animals and agricultural practices. Students will examine properties of soil and land and their connections to plant and animal production. Using knowledge of scientific protocols as well as course content; students will develop an AgriScience research program to be conducted throughout the first semester of the course. To complete that whole project each student will investigate and test an AgriScience research question by formulating a scientific question related to the course content; formulating a hypothesis based on related research; conducting an experiment to test the hypothesis; collecting quantitative data; and forming a conclusion based on analysis of the data. The result of this research program will be an in-depth research and experimentation paper that is technically written; based on scientific protocol; and cited using APA formatting. Additionally; students will develop and present a capstone soil management plan for agricultural producers; using the content learned throughout the course. Throughout the course; students will be graded on participation in intra-curricular FFA activities as well as the development and maintenance of an ongoing Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) program.

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United States

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1010 Wheatland Road

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Lab Science

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  • LINT
  • Integrated science

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