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Chemistry B - VIRTUAL



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This course examines basic principles and properties of matter to see its everyday uses. Topics include atomic models, predicting chemical reactions to see how scientists can engineer them to solve problems. The honors course offers additional examples and practice. This course also culminates in the ability to evaluate the ethical and social implications of chemistry related technologies. Topics included: matter, types of bonds and forces that hold atoms and molecules together, states of matter, phase changes, gas laws, solutions, thermodynamics and kinetics of chemical reactions, chemical equilibrium and electrochemistry, radiation and the difference between nuclear fission and fusion. The honors course offers additional examples and practice.

Students complete 1 hour of laboratory assignments per week. Labs include: Phase Change Lab, Solubility Lab, Reaction Rate Lab, Electrochemical Cell Lab, Radiation Lab

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United States

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Ignite Learning Academy

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1155 S Power Rd Ste 114 #570 Mesa, AZ

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Lab Science

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  • LCHM
  • Chemistry

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Online / Virtual