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Chemistry - Virtual



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This rigorous full-year course engages students in the study of the composition; properties; changes; and interactions of matter. The course covers the basic concepts of chemistry and includes 12 virtual laboratory experiments that encourage higher-order thinking applications. There is also a wet lab component for each of these labs. The components of this course include the composition and properties of matter; changes and interactions of matter; organic chemistry; and nuclear chemistry.†

Course Objectives†

Throughout the course; you will meet the following goals:†

∑ Describe the composition; properties; and types of matter.†

∑ Summarize the evolution of the atomic theory and the structure of an atom.†

∑ Examine the relationships among the elements on the periodic table.†

∑ Describe chemical reactions and types of chemical bonds.†

∑ Explain the relationship between chemistry and thermodynamics.†

∑ Recognize the interdependence of organisms and organic chemistry.†

∑ Explore nuclear chemistry and its applications.

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