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Computer Science 5-6 Honors


Computer Science 3-4, Algebra 1-2

Course description

Students will use skills learned in previous Computer Science courses to create technical solutions to real world problems. Examples may include: building websites for businesses or classes, creating video games to enhance learning, creating applications for phones to enhance student or customer experience, and more. Students will do extensive research both on the Internet and by gathering their own data through customer surveys and pre-tests and post-tests. Students will use data to analyze the effectiveness of their projects and to make improvements. This course strongly emphasizes communication, research, critical thinking, and advanced use of technology. Student’s work will be applicable and useful in the community. Students will also investigate their personal career path including: conducting interviews with professionals working in the field they wish to be in, interviewing college students majoring in the degree they wish to pursue, and job shadowing a professional in the industry they are pursuing. Students will mentor Computer Science 3-4 students throughout the year. Students may repeat this course multiple years for credit.

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United States

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Horizon CLC Honors High School

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16233 S 48th St

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  • CTE
  • Career and technical education

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