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CTE Nutrition and Wellness for Life



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To keep our body and our mind running like finely tuned machines; we need to use the right fuel. For humans; that means nourishing our bodies with the right foods. In this course; you?ll explore how food affects essential aspects of your life from your weight to how you age to how well you think. You?ll also examine how outside influences- family; peers; and the media- can affect your diet and your perception of food and how to set yourself up for nutritional success. Are you interested in a career in holistic wellness? Start your health journey now with Nutrition and Wellness.We live in a wellness-obsessed world; but what in the world is wellness? Figuring that out?and linking it to nutrition and health?can help us get on the road toward healthier behaviors. Learning what the different nutrients do in the body and how to balance our energy intake with our energy output can give us some basic guidelines on nutrition and wellness. Here; we?ll uncover the meaning of BMI and understand how an ectomorph is different from a mesomorph; all while learning about healthy eating and lifestyle for a long and healthy life!†

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Lake Havasu City

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Lake Havasu High School

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2675 S. Palo Verde

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