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CTE-Plant Science



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2 Sem. ? 1 Additional Science/Practical Arts Credit. This course focuses on plant sciences; specifically with plant production in the greenhouse. Units include plant growth and development; hydroponics; propagation; nutrition; pests; greenhouse management; landscape plant identification; design and installation of irrigation systems; and equipment maintenance. Students will be required to maintain an SAE. Students will participate in FFA where they will develop skills for leadership and career success. NOTE: Course consists of 60-80% lab work.


All three of the above courses are ADE approved CTE courses with a minimum requirement of at least a 51% lab based curriculum. These classes consist of 60%-80% lab work. As approved CTE courses; these classes are able to be applied as either a lab science or a practical art (depending on the needs of the student).

We have also attached the ADE constructed crosswalk of the new science standards with the new agriculture standards to show the alignment of the agriculture courses with the science†standards.

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United States

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63 E. Main St.

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Lab Science

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  • LINT
  • Integrated science

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Online / Virtual