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Culinary Arts 3-4


Culinary Arts 1-2

Course description

Culinary 3-4 is a course designed to offer students the opportunity to apply skills acquired in Culinary 1-2 to explore more in depth units pertaining to the culinary arts. Students will investigate and research the different career choices that are available in the culinary field. They will experience the application of additional cooking methods using a variety of appliances in food preparation. Entertaining, Hospitality and food gifting will be covered, as well as meal planning. Successful completion of this course will require students to be committed to applying self-motivation and teamwork. Students will provide a hair tie, 1.5 inch binder and sheet protectors. Students must acquire a food handler’s certificate to participate. Students may take this course for a maximum of two years for credit.

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United States

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Horizon CLC Honors High School

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16233 S 48th St

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  • CTE
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