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Earth and Space Science 1A



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This course provides students with a solid earth science curriculum, focusing on geology, oceanography, astronomy, weather, and climate. The program consists of online lessons, an associated reference book, collaborative activities, virtual laboratories, and hands-on laboratories students can conduct at home. The course provides a base for further studies in geology, meteorology, oceanography, and astronomy, and gives practical experience in implementing scientific methods. COURSE LENGTH One Semester COURSE OUTLINE: Unit 1 Weather 2 • Semester Introduction • Climate vs. Weather • What Influences the Weather? • Review: Climate and Weather Influences • Laboratory: Cloud Formation • Laboratory: Relative Humidity • The Greenhouse Effect • Greenhouse Effect Analyses • Review: Greenhouse Effect • Climate Change • Patterns of Climate Change • Review: Climate Change • Laboratory: Temperature of Water and Soil 1 • Laboratory: Temperature of Water and Soil 2 Unit 2 Oceans • Oceans of the World • Chemistry of the Oceans • Review: Oceans and Chemistry • Physical Properties of Seawater • Review: Physical Properties of Seawater • Laboratory: Ocean Water Density 1 • Laboratory: Ocean Water Density 2 • Ocean Currents • Review: Ocean Currents • Ocean Conditions and Life • Review: Ocean Conditions and Life • Laboratory: Ocean Floor Sediments 1 • Laboratory: Ocean Floor Sediments 2 Unit 3 Cycles on Earth • Biogeochemical Cycles • Review: Biogeochemical Cycles • Carbon Cycle • Life and the Carbon Cycle • Review: Carbon Cycle • Laboratory: Dissolved Oxygen 1 • Laboratory: Dissolved Oxygen 2 • Water Cycle • Review: Water Cycle Unit 4 Astronomy • The Sun • The Earth–Moon–Sun System • Review: Sun and The Earth–Moon–Sun System • Laboratory: Solar Energy • The Moon's Influence • Review: The Moon's Influence • Earth Movement and Seasons • Review: Earth Movement and Seasons • Laboratory: Earth, Moon, Sun Motion • Laboratory: Sunrise and Sunset • Origin of the Solar System • Features of the Solar System • Review: Origin and Features of the Solar System • The Planets • Review: The Planets • Electromagnetic Spectrum • Light: A Tool for Astronomy • Review: Electromagnetic Spectrum and Light • Distances in Space • Review: Distances in Space • Life Cycle of a Star • Review: Life Cycle of a Star • What's a Galaxy? • The Big Bang Theory • Review: Galaxies and Life Cycle of a Star Unit 5 Earth's Resources • Earth's Natural Resources • Renewable vs. Nonrenewable Resources • Review: Resources • Environmental Issues • Review: Environmental Issues • Laboratory: Air Pollution Watch • Water Resources • Review: Water Resources • Humans and the Environment • Conservation • Review: Humans and Conservation Unit 6 Semester Review and Test • Semester Review Semester Test

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United States

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Peak Prep Pleasant Valley

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2150 Pickwick Dr # 304

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Lab Science

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  • LGEO
  • Geology

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