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Earth Science


Earth Science

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This life science course provides an investigative approach to the interrelationships of the natural world through the study of the fundamental concepts, principles, and methodologies of Environmental Science. We emphasize inquiry and critical thinking skills, including problem solving and lots of outdoor experimental investigations in this course. Throughout the course, learners will learn how to utilize scientific processes to analyze real-life data obtained through scientific investigations in class and in the field. Topics of study include Earth Systems and Resources, Ecosystems and Energy Flow, Population Biology, Land and Water Use, Sustainable Agriculture, Energy Resources and Consumption, Air and Water Pollution, Conservation, Global Change, and Human Impacts.  The course will help learners understand some of the most pressing issues of our time by interpreting scientific data and drawing logical conclusions from real-life case studies. Developing real-life career skills such as data collection & analysis, evaluation of information, and communication of experimental results will be emphasized throughout the course.

online, no lab hours but in home experiments completed.

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