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Earth Science


Psychology BA

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The following text is the Course description for Earth Science. The description comes from epic charter schools official website. They do not include the course syllabus.

This inquiry- and lab-based course is designed to support modern science curriculum and teaching practices. It robustly meets NGSS learning standards associated with high school Earth and space science. Content topics include scientific processes and methods; the universe; the Precambrian Earth; the Earth?s materials and tectonics; the hydrosphere and atmosphere; and human interactions with the Earth?s systems and resources. Each lesson includes one or more inquiry-based activities that can be performed online within the context of the lesson. In addition; the course includes a significant number of hands-on lab activities. Approximately 40% of student time in this course is devoted to true lab experiences; as defined by the National Research Council (2006; p. 3). Lab materials note: Most hands-on labs employ relatively-common household materials. A few labs require specialized scientific equipment or materials; such as an electronic balance (0.01g); graduated cylinders; and a water testing kit. These few specialized labs are optional but provide valuable laboratory experience. School laboratories may be used for these specialized labs or single-student Edmentum Lab Kits may be purchased from Ward?s Science. Please refer to the Student Syllabus or Teacher?s Guide for details on lab materials.

Epic Charter Schools. "Plato Curricula".††Sean Ridenour.†June 15; 2015.†

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United States

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Oklahoma City

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Epic Charter School

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1900 Northwest Expy r3, Oklahoma City, OK

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Lab Science

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  • LGEO
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