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Earth Science B - VIRTUAL



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Students learn the importance of scientific inquiry and how to communicate the results of scientific investigations. They then have material on the formation of the universe, including the Big Bang Theory, the motions of celestial objects, and stellar evolution. Students will also learn about the Solar System, including features of the sun and planets and the movements of Earth. Students will learn about Weather, Climate, and Earth’s water cycle. They will also learn about atmosphere and clouds as well as the factors that influence local and global climate. They will discuss the water cycle, including groundwater and ocean features, as well as water scarcity and pollution. This course also covers the physical structure of the Earth and Earth’s tectonic system, including the rock cycle, tectonic activity, and mountain building. It then covers weathering, erosion, soil formation and the concept of systems. This course also cover geologic history, including the evolution of Earth’s atmosphere, the geologic time scale, and the fossil record. It then goes over natural resources and the effects of human population on natural resources. The course wraps up with a discussion of human society and its interconnectedness with the Earth’s environment, how science and technology work together, and the technological design process in earth science applications.

Students complete 1 hour of laboratory assignments per week. Labs include: Earth Lab, Systems & Cycles, Pick a dinosaur, Renewable Energy Research, Sustainable Agriculture Lab, Tsunami Lab

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United States

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Ignite Learning Academy

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1155 S Power Rd Ste 114 #570 Mesa, AZ

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Lab Science

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  • LGEO
  • Geology

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Online / Virtual