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Earth Space Science



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Earth Space Science (comprehensive; honors ? 1 credit): Be captivated by the

wonders and beauty of the third planet from our Sun; Earth. Be amazed by what awaits your discovery

within our solar system and beyond. Explore the universe. Earth/Space Science is a laboratory course

focusing on the study of space; geologic structures and forces; the waters on our planet; and atmospheric

conditions. Through experimentation and investigation; students explore the earth cycles including the

geosphere; hydrosphere; crysosphere; atmosphere; and the carbon cycle. This course offers interactive

experiences; higher-order thinking; collaborative projects; and real-world application along with a variety

of assessments. Upon completion of the course; students have a clear understanding of the dynamic forces

at work in the world around them; becoming better caretakers of our planet; Earth. Grades 10-12. (KS

Regents Qualified Admissions approved; NCAA approved)

Earth Space Science Labs

***All labs require 1.5 hours or more to complete

  • Meteorology Lab

  • Surface Water Lab

  • Groundwater Lab

  • Exploring the Universe Lab

  • Designing a Star Model Lab

  • Rocks and Minerals as Resources Lab

  • Geologic Time Scale Lab

  • Ocean Circulation Lab

  • Ocean Interactions Lab

  • Forces in Our Solar System Lab

  • Earth-Sun-Moon System Lab

  • Carbon Cycle Lab

  • Mechanisms of Movement Lab

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United States

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Lab Science

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  • LINT
  • Integrated science

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