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This course is designed to assist students in illustrating the skills necessary to obtain employment by aligning career goals with education plans and practice the skills and attitudes required for job success. Students will complete an inventory; practice resume writing; interviewing techniques; and work-place problem solving strategies. Networking with local employers and learning about local employment opportunities will be a key course component.

Students in this course will explore a field of interest while developing research skills; professionalism; and building occupational knowledge. Students will visit workplaces of interest to learn about specific jobs and professional requirements; and to develop a basic knowledge of the organization?s structure and values.

COMMENT: This is a concurrent enrollment course. In addition to high school credit; students will earn 4 college credits at NICC. Contact your school counselor and/or the admissions office of the postsecondary institution you plan to attend for more information on the transferability of the credits. This course will be offered in the Fall semester.

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United States

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3715 Pennsylvania Avenue Dubuque, Iowa

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Social Science

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  • CTE
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