Course title

Engineering 102


Algebra II Honors (80% or higher) or Algebra II (90% or higher) and concurrent enrollment in or completion of Physics (80% or higher) and interview by instructor.

Course description

This is a college level dual-credit course. Students receive 3 credit hours of required UA engineering coursework. This award winning course; developed in conjunction with U of A Engineering faculty;†provides students with an introduction to†mathematical modeling; the engineering design†process Solidworks; 3D printing; C and CNC†programming. Units of study include†Manufacturing; Systems; Bio-Medical;†Environmental; Software and Electrical and†Mechanical Engineering. The course also provides†students with a perspective on various engineering†disciplines and educational and career†opportunities; through a lecture series presenting†engineering experts in the field. The course†demonstrates how engineers use skills in†mathematics and science to help people in a†variety of global economic; environmental and†societal contexts through a semester long service†based project. Students will receive science credit†upon passing this course.†Note: Students pay an additional amount†(approximately $495) for University of Arizona†tuition to take this course for University credit.

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United States

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Salpointe Catholic High School

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1545 E Copper St

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Lab Science

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  • LPHY
  • Physics

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Online / Virtual