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ENGMATH - Engineering Math (8740)


Algebra 2

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The Engineering Mathematics course at Del Rio High School, reinforces many of the topics discussed in the PLTW Engineering courses of IED, POE, CIM, and DE as well as Physics. The course offers students the opportunity to relate many formulas to real applications during hands-on lab work. The course also involves a unit where the yearly FRC Robotics challenge is discussed and the games scoring system is analyzed. One of the unique features of Engineering Mathematics is the use of Excel spreadsheet software to perform repetitive calculations and display data. The students also have an opportunity to use many tools and machines. The topic list is as follows: Basic Mathematics (Literal Equations, Statistical Measures, Unit Conversions, Decinmal-Binary-Hexadecimal Conversion, etc.), Materials Properties (Stress, Strain, Elasticity, etc.), Introduction to Calculus (Intregral Calculus Applications, Differental Calculus Applications), Electricity, Statics and Structures, Fluid Power, Engines, and FRC Robotics. See uploaded course file for more detail.

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United States

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100 Memorial Dr.

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  • MTHA
  • 4 years of Math

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In order to determine applicability more details of math concepts taught is needed.

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