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Environmental Science


Prerequisite: Biology, Algebra 1

Course description

Environmental Science 10;11;12

Environmental science is a course dedicated to understanding the interactions between earth?s natural systems and the demands placed on them by the human population. This course examines the scientific principles behind natural phenomena and resource cycles; explores how we utilize these systems and our impact; and potential solutions for the resulting consequences of resource mismanagement and exploitation. We will explore ways in which people can act as responsible caretakers of Earth?s resources and what it means to be agents of reconciliation to all of God?s Creation. This course includes elements of ecology; earth science; chemistry; and social science and focuses on breadth and interrelatedness of relevant current events. Concepts will be explored through inquiry based laboratory exercises; environmental health assessment techniques; student presentations and projects. This course fulfills a lab requirement.†

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United States

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Valley Lutheran

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5199 N 7th Ave

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Lab Science

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  • LINT
  • Integrated science

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Online / Virtual