Environmental science review

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Environmental Science
Course Description: 

Environmental science is a captivating and rapidly expanding field, and this course offers compelling lessons that cover many different aspects of the field: ecology, the biosphere, land, forests and soil, water, energy and resources, and societies and policy. Through unique activities and material, high school students connect scientific theory and concepts to current, real-world dilemmas, providing them with opportunities for mastery in each of the segments throughout the semester.

Textbook: Environmental Science - Excel Education Systems, Inc.

Course objectives:

Throughout the course, you will meet the following goals:

  • Understand the interrelationships in the natural world.
  • Examine the natural cycles of energy flow and evaluate how human interaction affects these cycles.
  • Model real-world phenomena and determine possible consequences of specific actions.
  • Defend the best choices to protect the environment with changing trends in human demographics.

    Interpret evidence and communicate scientifically about environmental conditions and hazards

    Semester A1: An Introduction to Environmental Science2: Understanding Our Environment3: Using the Scientific Method and Models4: Our Changing Earth5: Organization of Living Things6: Ecosystems7: Biomes8: Aquatic Ecosystems9: Exploring Populations10: Understanding Human Populations11: What is Biodiversity?12: Water Resources

    Semester B13: Air and Pollution14: Earth's Climate15: Land Use and Conservation16: Agriculture and Food17: Earth's Mineral Resources18: Nonrenewable Energy Sources19: Renewable Energy Sources20: Waste Management21: Human Health and The Environment22: Politics, Economics, and The Environment

    Grading Scale                                                                                    

    A = 90-100%                                                                          

    B = 80-89%                                                                            

    C = 70-79%                                                                                                                   

    D = 60-69%                                                                           

    F = under 59%

    Grade Weighting

    Quizzes……………………......  35%

    Written Assignments..... 35%

    Final Exam ……………….....  30%


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