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Epidemiology and Public Health


Integrated Science A and B

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This is a one year science elective designed to introduce you to the world of health and science in a global context. Epidemiology is a specific branch of medicine that deals less with diagnosing and treating disease and more with monitoring the incidence, prevalence, and control of diseases on local, national, and global scales. Public health is considered the broader field of medicine that includes epidemiology as well as issues of public concern including homelessness, hunger, hygiene, and other aspects of general human health. 


Over the course of this year, we will explore various topics in both Epidemiology and Public Health to understand where these fields came from, how they have grown and changed over time, and how they are directly relevant to your everyday lives’. 


The knowledge you acquire in this course will help you make decisions to lead more meaningful, informed, and healthy lives. 



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United States

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Beacon Academy

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1574 Sherman Ave

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Lab Science

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  • LADV
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  • Integrated science

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