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Exercise Science



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This course incorporates the traditional disciplines of anatomy and physiology; biomechanics; psychology and nutrition; which are studied in the context of sports; exercise and health. Exercise science is a laboratory science that combines academic study with the acquisition of practical; applied and investigative skills. It covers aspects of biological and physical science being studied in the specific context of exercise and human performance. The applied nature of the subject matter goes beyond the traditional science subjects to offer a deeper understanding of the issues related to real-world applications of human biology; physiology; and physical science. Students will participate†This course also takes an analytical approach and develops skills in using data to inform decision making. Extensive scientific research over the last several decades across various disciplines of human performance have expanded our understanding of health and the capacity of the human body. As a result of both research and wearable technology; vast amounts of data are accessible to us for applied studies.Students will cover a range of core and option topics; and carry out practical (experimental) investigations in both laboratory and field settings. This will provide an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and understanding necessary to apply scientific principles and critically analyze human performance. Where relevant; the course will address issues of international dimension and ethics by considering sports; exercise and health relative to the individual and in a global context.The exercise and human performance course allows students to develop practical skills and techniques; and to increase facility in the use of mathematics; which is the language of science. It also allows students to develop interpersonal skills and digital technology skills; which are essential in 21st-century scientific endeavors and are important life- enhancing; transferable skills in their own right.

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