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Financial Algebra


Algebra II

Course description

– May only be taken by 12th grade students because of limited space. This class isdesigned to be a 4th-year math course to be taken only after the student has completed through AlgebraII or is on an Algebra 2 waiver. This is practical math that a student will likely see once they becomefinancially responsible for themselves, such as bank and credit card accounts, loans, taxes, etc. Studentscompleting both semesters of this course will receive a full math credit that can be applied towards one ofthe four state and RRPS math graduation requirements. During the fall semester, the students will alsobe registered for and complete CNM’s Finance 1010 dual enrollment course. The teacher will be workingwith CNM and a designated CNM instructor, and follow the CNM curriculum including assignments.Students who successfully complete that section of the course (It is twelve weeks long and conducted inthe Fall only) will also then receive dual enrollment credit required by the state for graduation, anadditional elective credit from RRHS, and 3 CNM college credits. Although the level of mathematics isnot advanced, it is a college course with college-level expectations. Students not properly registering, notcompleting the assignments on time, caught cheating, or otherwise not meeting the standards of theclass, will be dropped from Finance 1010 by the CNM instructor. These students will then do the sameassignments but will not receive any college credits or the additional elective credit.

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United States

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New Mexico

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301 Loma Colorado Dr NE

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  • MTH1
  • 4 years of Math

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Online / Virtual