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Financial Algebra


Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2

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Adv. Algebra with Financial Applications will use sophisticated mathematics to give you the tools to become a financially responsible young adult. The course employs algebra; precalculus; probability and statistics; calculus and geometry to solve financial problems that occur in everyday life. Real-world problems in investing; credit; banking; auto insurance; mortgages; employment; income taxes; budgeting and planning for retirement are solved by applying relevant mathematics. Field projects; computer spreadsheets; and graphing calculators are key components of this course.Topics Covered: employment; banking; stocks; credit; automobile ownership; independent living and life expensesEmployment Big Ideas1.When comparing job opportunities; we need to convert salaries and compare equivalent rates.2. When looking for employment we need to consider pay; benefits and additional deductions that will affect our net earnings.3. Gross salary is your total salary where net salary is the amount that you take home after deductions and adjustments.4. You need to break your salary down into number of pays; and have an understanding of the percentages that are used for each deduction.Taxes1.Students will use tax tables; as well as discover the equations and piecewise functions used when completing their taxes. Taxes affect everyone whether it is through sales; property; or income tax.2. By filling out a variety of tax forms; students will determine needed information to fill out forms; and be able to choose which form to use for different life situations.Banking1.Consumers need to consider the variety of services available; types of interest associated with accounts; and additional fees to make financial decisions for their lifestyles.Stocks1.Stocks are ownerships in companies. Being able to read the data about these companies and how their stocks are doing; by reading graphs; tickers; and publications; can help me know whether to buy or sell a stock; and when to sell a stock to make money or hold on to it.Credit1.Getting loans is a way of life. Loans for cars; houses; school; etc. is a big part of life. With those loans comes interest rates. Understanding how these work will help decide whether the loan is a good loan and whether it can be affordable or not; both in the short and long run.2.Understanding how credit works will help me make informed decisions about finances.Automotive Ownership1.When purchasing a car; I need to know whether I can buy or lease a car; and whether it can be new or must be used. I will need to know how to compare insurance rates to get the best deal for my budget.Independent Living1.Being able to read ads for houses or understand what a relator is talking about when looking for a place to live is essential.2.Being able to know the value for your money will help you get the best value on a place to live.Life Expenses1.Changes in life require us to change our budget on a constant basis.2.We need to change our budget based on our life changes so that we can still afford our life style; or we must change our life style.3.If we can get the greatest rate on purchases (phones; life insurance; etc.); then we can have an easier time living within our means.4.Life insurance companies take into account such things as age and health to help calculate rates based on how much money goes into the policy versus how much will go out.Financial AlgebraCommon Core Math Standards Alignment to CourseFramework 1: A-CED.1; A-CED.2; A-CED.4; A-REI.3; F-BF.1; F-IF.2; F-IF.4; F-IF.7b; F-LE.1; N-VM.6Framework 2: A-SSE.1a; A-CED.3; F-BF.1a; F-IF.2; F-IF.7bFramework 3: A-SSE.1a; A-SSE.3c; A-CED.4; A-REI.1; F-IF.2; F-IF.7e; F-IF.8b; F-LE.1aFramework 4: A-CED.1; A-CED.2; A-CED.4; A-REI.3; N-Q.1; N-Q.2; N-Q.3Framework 5: A-SSE.1a; A-SSE.1.b; A-SSE.2; A-SSE.3; F-BF.1a; F-IF.8b; F-LE.4; F-LE.5; N-Q.1; S-ID.6aFramework 6: A-SSE.1; A-CED.2; A-CED.3; A-CED.4; A-REI.1; A-REI.2; F-IF.2; F-IF.6; F-IF.7a; F-IF.7b ; F-IF.8b; F-LE.5; S-ID.1; S-ID.2Framework 7: A-SSE.1; A-CED.2; A-CED.3; A-REI.6; F-BF.1; F-BF.1a; S-ID.6; S-ID.8Framework 8: A-SSE.1a; F-IF. 2; F-IF.7; F-IF.7a; N-VM.6; S-MD.5a; S-MD.5bThe 8 Math Practice Standards are utilized throughout every Framework

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