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Financial Algebra


Algebra II

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This is an overview into the Senior High School Financial Algebra at Glenview College Prep. While in this course, students will explore the interplay between mathematical concepts and real-world financial applications. Through a comprehensive curriculum blending algebraic principles with geometric insights, trigonometric methodologies, and even glimpses of calculus, students will learn personal finance in order to graduate to the adult world with the ability to make wise financial decisions. Drawing upon foundational algebraic techniques, students will delve into the algebra of finance, mastering the art of budgeting, investing, and managing resources. They will employ geometric strategies to analyze financial data, constructing models to visualize and comprehend complex financial scenarios. Some examples include calculations of interest rates, loan structures, and investment returns, providing students with the tools to navigate the financial landscape. Moreover, this course will introduce rudimentary elements of calculus, offering a glimpse into the calculus of finance. Through differential and integral equations, students will investigate rates of change in financial contexts, optimizing investment strategies and understanding the calculus behind financial decision-making. With a rigorous blend of mathematical theory and practical application, seniors in this course are equipped with essential skills for financial literacy and success in the modern world.

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United States

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Glenview College Preparatory High School

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4386 W Bethany Home Rd

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  • MTHA
  • 4 years of Math

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