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Forensic Science 3-4 Honors


Biology 1/2 & Forensic Science 1/2 H

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Forensic Science 3-4 Honors offers an advanced framework for applying the basic biological; chemical; and physical principles from Forensic Science 1-2 Honors to understanding how these scientific principles are handled within the legal system. This course builds on the basic understanding of various types of forensic evidence and their analysis within a laboratory setting (established in Forensic Science 1-2 H) and combines it with real-life case studies†and an†emphasis on team collaboration;†like†how Crime Scene Investigation teams analyze case evidence to draw a conclusion. This advanced course is designed for students who already have a basic understanding of forensics; and wish to pursue a career in Law Enforcement;†Biochemistry; and/or Criminal Justice.

Note regarding attachment: Inside the Syllabus attached you will find a scope and sequence listing the associated labs per unit. It is estimated that they will spend at least 20% of instructional time working in collaborative teams on applicable labs; see Grading Policy section.

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United States

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Franklin Police & Fire High School

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1645 W. McDowell Rd.

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Lab Science

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  • LINT
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