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Foundations in Entrepreneurship


Algebra I and Geometry

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Foundations in Entrepreneurship†is divided into four distinct modules. Each module contains multiple lessons supported with video instruction by Dave Ramsey; Rachel Cruze and Christy Wright.

Module 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Introduces the topic of entrepreneurship; explores traits of entrepreneurs and leaders; examines examples of entrepreneurs; and provides guidelines for effective communication and dealing with conflict.

Module 2: Economics and Finances

Explores economic concepts including economic systems; capitalism; and the relationship between cost and profit. The module will also explore financial topics such as operating expenses; retained earnings; taxes; a P&L statement; resource management; and charitable giving.

Module 3: Marketing

Explains the differences between products and services as well as identifying the marketplace need for a product of service. The module also covers marketing; branding; social media; and selling.

Module 4: Business Management

Explains what a business plan is and how to write one; how to write strong goals; what to consider related to business growth; things to consider related to hiring staff; how to use technology in business; and the importance of generosity.

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