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Foundations of Physical & Biological Science I



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This freshman-level year-long course coversfoundational topics in physics, chemistry,and biology. This course emphasizes thebasic and universal physical laws thatgovern the structure and behavior of matteras they are expressed all around us—in thevery large (astronomy) to the very small(fundamental particles, atomic structure,cellular structure), from the simple (phasesof matter, solution chemistry) to the complex(evolution, genetics, ecology). Class activitiesinclude group laboratory experiments,lecture and discussion, and problem-solvingsessions. Laboratory experiments aredesigned to instruct students on scientificresearch techniques and skills includingobservation, documentation, data analysisand evaluation, and background sourceevaluation and usage. This course is team-taught by biology, chemistry, and physicsteachers. Upon completion, students areeligible to take Foundations of Physical andBiological Science II.

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United States

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The Wellington School

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3650 Reed Rd

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Lab Science

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  • LINT
  • Integrated science

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