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Foundations of Physical & Biological Science II


Foundations of Physical & Biological Science I

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This sophomore-level course is acontinuation of Foundations of Physicaland Biological Science I with specific topicsexpanding on those from the previous year.Topics include forces, energy, momentum,chemical reactions and stoichiometry,acid-base chemistry, biological moleculesand organism structures and functions,heredity, and energy dynamics. This courseincludes topics from biology, chemistry,and physics. Class activities includegroup laboratory experiments, lectureand discussion, and problem-solvingsessions. Laboratory experiments aredesigned to instruct students on scientificresearch techniques and skills includingobservation, documentation, data analysisand evaluation, and background sourceevaluation and usage. This course isteam-taught by biology, chemistry, andphysics teachers.

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United States

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The Wellington School

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3650 Reed Rd

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Lab Science

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  • LADV
  • Advanced science
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  • Integrated science

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