Course title

Geoscience A/B


Successful completion of Biology/Algebra 1

Course description

This course aims to develop our students? understanding of the forces that affect life on Earth; the tectonic forces that cause earthquakes and are part of the lives of Southern Californians and how this is connected to forces at work in other parts of the world. This knowledge helps students understand the changes on Earth in the past and forecast potential changes in the future. It highlights wo/man?s role in changing the Earth. It shows how the Earth provides resources that make life as we know it possible. It showcases some of the technology that allows us to study the Earth and teaches students to critically analyze evidence; all while teaching the fundamental theories of geology; astronomy; meteorology and oceanography.

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United States

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Redondo Beach

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Redondo Union High School

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722 N Lucia Avenue, Unit B

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Lab Science

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  • LGEO
  • Geology

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Online / Virtual