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Hon American Gov We the People



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This course will emphasize the ?participatory? side of the American citizen in our society and the relationship between government and the people. Students will learn about their individual rights and responsibilities in our society. Students will apply observations from class to current events. Several themes will be explored in this course; including: Principles of Democracy?examines the purpose of government and the basic values; principles; and ideals of American democracy; Civic Skills?encourages students to become active citizens by teaching skills that demonstrate how to participate in our local; state; and national government; Government Structure?students discover the purpose and structure of federal; state; and local government. This course can fulfill the requirement of government needed for graduation.†

Note: This course is a parallel course to American Government. All the standards in the traditional course are also taught in this course.

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United States

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2238 E. Ginter Rd.

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Social Science

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