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Honors Anatomy & Physiology



Course description

This rigorous lab-oriented course designed to help understand the anatomic and physiological basis of life. It provides an in-depth investigation of the body systems; their structure and function under normal circumstances as well as during times of illness; injury or disease. Students will integrate relevant information and skills to†explore careers in the medical and healthcare fields.† This course will include dissection.†

Over 25% of the course will include wetlabs.††


Lab: Body Organization

Lab: Chemistry of Life

Lab: Starch Breakdown

Microscope: Cells

Lab: Cell Diffusion

Lab: Subcutaneous Sensations

Lab: Integumentary System

Microscope: Types of Tissues (multiple labs)

Chicken Wing Dissection

Muscle Reaction

Eye Dissection

Pig Dissection

Kidney Dissection

Comparative Heart Dissection (sheep; pig; cow)

Brain dissection

Cat Dissection (when affordable)

Reaction Rate and the Nervous System

Blood Pressure

Heart Rate


Simulated Blood Typing

Simulated Who Do It

Lab: Axial Skeleton

Lab: Appendicular Skeleton

Lab: Joint Dissection

Bones found in the Park (different gender and race bones)

Build a working heart model

Digestion Lab

Lab: The Ear & Hearing

Lab: Visual Tests

Lab: Touch Receptors

Lab: Endocrine Histology & Diabetic Physiology

Lab: Observing Human Growth

Lab: Endocrine Glands

Lab: Leptin & the Endocrine

Lab: Blood Cells

Lab: Blood Vessels

Lab: Peripheral Blood FLow

Lab: Immune Response

Lab: Mechanical and Chemical Digestion

Lab: Calories Burned

Lab: Measuring Volume of Respiration

Lab: Effects of Exercise

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United States

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Lab Science

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  • Biology

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