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HEAT Seminar


9-11 English

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Course Title:†Humans; Environment and Technology (HEAT)Course Description:†

12th Grade Science Seminar (2 credits 1 English & 1 Science)

how can humans; technology and the natural world live in harmony with one and other?† In what ways can science and literature guide us in our relationship with nature?† What are the intersections between humans; technology and our environment?† Students will experience laboratory investigations; field studies and applied technologies to better understand the relationship that exist today.† reading fiction; non-fiction and scientific literature students will engage in seminar conversation to examine our essential questions and other current related questions.† The goals of this interdisciplinary STEAM seminar are for the student to develop an understanding of the scientific; ethical and cultural connections involved in sustainable decision making and to inform us in the ways that we as global citizens of the world can make a positive contribution toward a viable future for our environment and humanity.

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United States

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New Hampshire

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Souhegan High School

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412 Boston Post Rd.

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  • ENGL
  • 4 years of English

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