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IB Math Analysis



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The IB Math Analysis course recognizes the need for analytical expertise in a world where innovation is increasingly dependent on a deep understanding of mathematics. The focus is on developing important mathematical concepts in a comprehensible; coherent and rigorous way; achieved by a carefully balanced approach. Students are encouraged to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve abstract problems as well as those set in a variety of meaningful contexts. IB Math Analysis has a strong emphasis on the ability to construct; communicate; and justify correct mathematical arguments. Students should expect to develop insight into mathematical form and structure; and should be intellectually equipped to appreciate the links between concepts in different topic areas. Students are also encouraged to develop the skills needed to continue their mathematical growth in other learning environments. The internally assessed exploration allows students to develop independence in mathematical learning. Throughout the course students are encouraged to take a considered approach to various mathematical activities and to explore different mathematical ideas.†

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United States

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500 West Guadalupe Road

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  • MTHA
  • 4 years of Math

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